Cameron Lavender

This article is part of my 2019 Cameron Highlands trip series.

Cameron Lavender Garden is a prominent attraction on the main road between Kuala Terla and Tringkap. The admission ticket is RM10.00 for adults and RM7.00 for children.
Cameron Lavender is built on the side of a hill. Perched on the hilltop is a majestic castle that resembles the ones in fairy tales.
The attraction has a colorful meadow with flowers such as begonia, lavender and coreopsis. The scenery is a marvelous sight to behold!
The lavender plants here are sourced from Hokkaido, Japan. Although the field of violet flowers is mesmerizing to the eyes, I am dismayed that the flowers' aroma is not as significant as I had expected.
There is no shortage of photo opportunities throughout Cameron Lavender. In fact, the attraction is suitable for families with young children.
On the other side of the field, get a photo taken with panda statues and vibrant coreopsis flowers in the background!
Scattered around Cameron Lavender are many souvenir shops. One of the shops here sells strawberry jam. The jam is made from fresh strawberries in the farm.
Speaking of fresh strawberries, Cameron Lavender allows visitors to pick their own strawberries. The strawberries are charged by the bucket.
Proceeding to the plant nursery, there are lots of potted flowers of almost any color!
For instance, daisies come in red and yellow cultivars.
Red hot cat's tail (ekor kucing) is a popular houseplant. Its flowers are red, long and hairy.
Couples may symbolize their unbreakable love by affixing love locks to any of the designated fences.
Lavender Cafe is where visitors can buy food and drinks. Enjoy the scenic view while having your meal.
Furthermore, be sure to visit a kiosk that sells Hokkaido ice cream. There are two flavors: lavender and strawberry. Each ice cream costs RM8.00 and comes with a waffle cone.
If you have not visited Cameron Lavender before, I highly recommend that you do so. Most people spend one or two hours in this attraction.
Address: Lot UT/KT/K22, Batu 46, Tringkap, 39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Contact: 05-496-1208
Business hours: 9:00am-6:00pm (Monday-Thursday), 9:00am-7:00pm (Friday-Sunday)

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