Cameron Valley

This article is part of my 2019 Cameron Highlands trip series.

After BOH, Cameron Valley is the second largest tea producer in Cameron Highlands. Owned by the Bharat Group, Cameron Valley has 3 tea shops in total. The one in Kuala Terla has an iconic teacup at the entrance.
Cameron Valley's tea shop sells a variety of tea products and other souvenirs. Visitors can purchase hot snacks and drinks too. In addition, there is a vantage point upstairs which gives a scenic view of Cameron Valley's tea plantation.
Cameron Valley has 2 more tea shops between Tanah Rata and Ringlet. The views from these locations are majestic, so I suggest you visit them too.
Address: Batu 50, Kuala Terla, 39000 Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Contact: 05-491-1133
Business hours: 8:30am-6:00pm (Monday-Friday), 8:30am-7:00pm (Saturday-Sunday)

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