Rose Centre

This article is part of my 2019 Cameron Highlands trip series.

Rose Centre (玫瑰山庄) is a tourist attraction at Kea Farm (美兰村). It is approximately 700 meters from Kea Farm Market. A portal and small temple marks its entrance.
Rose Centre is built on a small hill, so visitors should expect a great deal of walking and climbing. Unlike similar attractions in Cameron Highlands, Rose Centre takes a more fairy tale approach.
Given the cool weather in Cameron Highlands, Rose Centre features many flowers that are usually found in temperate climate. There are several terraced gardens on way to the hilltop.
As the name implies, roses are prominently featured here. Rose Centre has over 100 varieties of roses with colors ranging from red to yellow. Some cultivars even have stripes!
Geranium has flowers with five petals each. The flowers come in vibrant colors like red, pink and purple.
Meanwhile, petunia flowers are usually magenta, pink, purple or white in color.
Euryops has yellow flowers that resemble sunflowers. In fact, they both belong to the same family.
As for daisies, the Angelic Pink cultivar is shown here. The plant has small flowers with pink petals.
Halfway up the hill is a shoe-shaped house. Inspired by a popular nursery rhyme, the house is painted in striking colors.
Continuing uphill, both sides of the path are lined by countless flowers. Near the hilltop is a large sign that spells "ROSE CENTRE".
Visitors who reach the summit are rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. One can also see Copthorne Cameron Highlands perched on top of another hill.
Besides flora, Rose Centre also features live animals like rabbits. Meanwhile, the resident cat naps lazily near the ticket booth.
The admission fee for Rose Centre is RM6.00 for adults and RM4.00 for children. There is a large parking area at the entrance. Parking is free for visitors.
Address: Batu 43, Kea Farm, 39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Contact: 05-496-2989
Business hours: 8:30am-6:30pm

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