Nenda's Kitchen

Special thanks to Nenda's Kitchen for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Nenda's Kitchen is a new Western restaurant at Kampung Jawa. It occupies the former premises of Kitchen Chemistry. The restaurant entrance faces the main road leading to Phase 4 of Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone.
Nenda's Kitchen is operated by the same management as David Brown's on Penang Hill. Like Kitchen Chemistry, Nenda's Kitchen focuses on Western dishes with elements of Asian cooking. To cater for all customers, Nenda's Kitchen does not serve pork.
Hawaiian Chicken Chop (RM15.50) was a crowd favorite back during Kitchen Chemistry, so Nenda's Kitchen is continuing this tradition. The pan-fried chicken is topped with sweet pineapple ring and a slice of cheddar cheese. Side dishes are homemade mashed potatoes, grilled tomato and garden salad.
The next dish is Cajun Glazed Pan-Seared Seabass Fillet (RM26.50). Wild-caught sea bass is seasoned with rustic Louisiana-style seasonings, which explains why the fish skin is absolutely scrumptious. The fillet is served with orange-flavored mayonnaise.
Nenda's Rempah Banana Leaf Fish Fillet (RM26.50) is one of the bestselling dishes on the menu. The grilled sea bass is topped with a spicy relish, which I think is the main appeal of this dish. Pickled onion mayonnaise is also provided, but I prefer to enjoy the spicy fish without additional condiments.
Chicken Patty Spaghetti Marinara (RM16.50) is the best way to appreciate the savory taste of fresh tomatoes. The dish comes with three juicy chicken patties, where each piece seasoned and grilled to perfection. Al dente spaghetti is topped with parmesan cheese and basil leaves too.
Seafood Spaghetti Aglio-Olio (RM16.50) is sautéed with garlic, dried chili and olive oil. The classic pasta dish comes with fresh prawns and clams. Shimeji mushrooms, baby spinach and cherry tomatoes also lend their juiciness.
The chef's signature dish is Nenda's Laksa Fish Burger (RM16.50). Sandwiched in a toasted bun is a breaded fish patty with asam laksa condiments like tamarind. Fries and garden salad are served on the side. David Brown's also serves a similar burger but uses sea bass instead of dory fish.
Last but not least, Penang Nasi Lemak (RM15.00) comes with spiced fried chicken, poached egg and other typical nasi lemak ingredients. The rice is infused with coconut milk and bunga telang (butterfly-pea flowers); the latter gives the rice a distinctive blue color. However, it is the unique blend of sambal (chili paste) that provides the main appeal of this dish.
During lunchtime, customers can add RM8.00 to supplement the meal with soup, iced lemon tea and ice cream. As for dinner, diners may top up RM15.00 to enjoy a special appetizer, soup and handcrafted dessert. Hold on to your receipt because Nenda's Kitchen gives 10% rebate during your next visit!
Nenda's Kitchen prepares all sauces from scratch. In spite of this, the restaurant manages to keep food prices reasonably affordable. As a result, Nenda's Kitchen is quite popular among employees of nearby factories. In the evening and on Saturdays, the restaurant's homestyle recipes makes it a great choice for family-style dining.

Name: Nenda's Kitchen
Address: 8, Solok Kampung Jawa 8, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-240-0479
Business hours: 11:00am-3:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm, closed on Sundays
Coordinates: 5.32584 N, 100.29428 E
Directions: Nenda's Kitchen is located along Jalan Kampung Jawa, which is the main road that leads to Phase 4 of the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone. Street parking is available on the opposite side of the road.

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