Cendol Bakar

This article is part of my 2019 Kuala Selangor trip series.

If you are looking for quick meals in Kuala Selangor, one of the recommended spots is Cendol Bakar. The place is approximately 5 kilometers south of the town center, just across the road from Toyota service center. The eatery consists of several individual stalls.
The signature dessert here is Cendol Durian Pulut (RM6.50). The heap of shaved ice is flavored with gula melaka (palm sugar), durian and coconut milk. Other ingredients are glutinous rice, green jelly, nata de coco and creamed corn. This is the perfect drink to quench thirst on a hot day.
Mee Udang Banjir (RM7.00) comes with sweet and savory gravy made of shrimp broth, corn starch, sugar and spices. The dish also contains yellow noodles, prawns, red chili, fried shallots and calamansi. The overall taste is quite satisfying.
We wanted to order Hantoo Char Kuey Teow out of sheer curiosity. Unfortunately, the stall is closed today.

Address: KS 153, Jalan Kapar, 45000, Kuala Selangor, Selangor
Contact: N/A
Business hours: 11:00am-7:00pm

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