Spices @ Furama

This article is part of my Christmas 2019 compilation.

Special thanks to Furama Bukit Bintang for extending this food review invitation.

Furama Bukit Bintang is a 4-star hotel near Berjaya Times Square. The hotel is known for its indoor playground called Waka Waka. In the spirit of Christmas, the hotel lobby is decorated with 10 Recycle Trees! Each "Christmas tree" is made of recyclable materials such as paper, bottles and light bulbs. The public is welcome to cast their votes on their favorite ones.
As for dining, the hotel has a halal-certified coffeehouse at Level 3 called Spices @ Furama. On 25 December 2019, the restaurant will be serving A Merry Malaysian Christmas buffet lunch. The meal is priced at RM78.00+ per person. Children and senior citizens enjoy 50% discount.
The biggest highlight on the menu is Roasted Tom Turkey. The turkey is remarkably tender and juicy, making it one of the best roast turkeys I have tasted for a long time. Also present is Oven Roasted Chicken Galantine, which is filled with chestnuts and herbs.
Nasi Lemak Salmon Wellington is an intriguing dish indeed. Besides salmon, the puff pastry also contains coconut-infused rice. Similar to Nasi Lemak, the fusion dish is served with sambal (chili paste), ikan bilis (anchovies), roasted peanuts and hard-boiled eggs.
Moving on to chafing dishes, Furama-Style Grilled Lamb has a lovely combination of lean meat and fat. The delicacy is served with brown sauce that accentuates the lamb's savory flavor.
Another delectable dish on the menu is Vegetables Au Gratin. Vegetables used here are broccoli, carrots and mushrooms. The dish is topped with a browned crust made of cheese.
As for something more local, be sure to check out the scrumptious Chicken Meatballs cooked in creamy "percik" sauce!
Fried Mee Hoon is flavored with tom yum seasonings, giving the rice vermicelli a tangy flavor that stimulates appetite. I am also impressed with the spicy touch of Kampung Fried Rice.
There are 2 types of satay on the menu: chicken and beef. The skewered meats are marinated with local spices such as turmeric. Satay is customarily served with spicy peanut sauce, nasi impit (pressed rice), cucumbers and shallots.
At the salad counter, diners can help themselves to Hawaiian Chicken Salad, Asian Marinated Chicken Salad, Marinated Fruit Salad and Pasta Salad.
As for diners who prefer to mix their own salads, there are assorted vegetables and dressings to choose from. Meanwhile, the do-it-yourself sandwich counter has ingredients like sliced bread, tuna salad, egg salad and cheddar cheese.
Yuletide confections play a vital role in any Christmas meal. The centerpiece of the pastry section is a gingerbread house, which is decorated with frosting, candy canes and gingerbread men.
It is impossible to overlook the Yule Log Cake, which is intricately decorated to resemble an actual yule log. Chocolate ganache and icing sugar are used to resemble bark and snow respectively.
French pastries come in assorted flavors like red velvet, strawberry and tiramisu.
Meanwhile, panna cotta is prepared in bite-size morsels to allow diners to sample different flavors. I especially like the peach version.
Meanwhile, Christmas cookies are kept in airtight jars so that they remain fresh. Finally, end your meal on a sweet note with fresh fruits like pineapple, watermelon and honeydew.
Furama's Christmas buffet lunch will be accompanied by fun-filled activities like Christmas carollers, mini games, lucky draws, live band and Santa Claus appearance. In addition, the hotel is having a Christmas charity sale where all proceeds will be donated to selected orphanages.
Name: Spices @ Furama
Address: Furama Bukit Bintang, 136, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-2788-8888
Business hours: 6:30am-10:30pm
Website: https://www.furama.com/bukitbintang/Dining/Spices-Furama
Coordinates: 3.14000 N, 101.71008 E
Directions: Furama Bukit Bintang is situated at the intersection of Jalan Pudu and Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah. Spices @ Furama is located at Level 3 of the hotel. Furama has multi-storey parking, which is accessible from Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah.

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