7686 Choy Kor Homecook Recipes

Special thanks to 7686 Choy Kor Homecook Recipes for extending this food review invitation.

Neighbourhood Foodcourt (好街坊美食中心) is a 24-hour food court at Dataran Sunway. The eatery has around a dozen stalls selling a variety of hawker dishes. Shaded by trees, the food court's open-air concept takes advantage of cooling breeze in the evening.
7686 Choy Kor Homecook Recipes (7686财哥住家菜) is one of the tenants in this food court. The stall is run by a couple who is passionate about food. The family business used to operate a shop at Damansara Perdana until late last year. As the name implies, 7686 Choy Kor Homecook Recipes serves dishes that are based on their parents' home recipes.
Yellow Wine Chicken Soup (黄酒鸡汤, RM10.00) is one of the most popular dishes in this stall, and is certainly my personal favorite. The soup contains chunks of chicken that were pre-cooked with sesame oil. Another crucial ingredient is homemade rice wine, which is sweet and does not have any bitter aftertaste. One unique aspect of this dish is the addition of a fried egg!
Sam Kan Chong Pork Ball Noodle (三间庄猪肉粉, RM7.00) was popularized by a stall in Petaling Street (茨厂街) several decades ago. The appeal of this dish revolves around pork meatballs, which are springy and succulent. Also present are Chinese barbecue sausages (烧肠), pork lard (猪油渣), minced pork and spring onions. The soup is boiled with pork bones for several hours, making it tasty to the last drop.
Pan Mee (板面, RM8.00) is another bestselling dish. It is easy for me to understand why: both the noodle and the soup strike a chord with my palate. The amount of ingredients is plentiful too. There are pork slices, meatballs, sweet leaves (马尼菜), fried anchovies and fried shallots. And if you have an affinity for spicy food, the homemade chili sauce packs a powerful punch. You have been warned!
Claypot Loh Si Fun (瓦煲老鼠粉, RM8.00) is cooked in classic Hokkien Char (福建炒) style, albeit using a different type of noodle. The dish comes with a large slab of roast pork (烧肉) paired with sweet-and-savory sauce. Meanwhile, the egg is meant to be "cooked" by mixing the claypot's contents while it is scorching hot. With so many ingredients in the mix, this dish offers great value for money!
If you prefer a noodle dish with soup, Claypot Yee Mee (瓦煲伊面, RM8.00) is a better choice for you. Despite the fact that yee mee is used, the soup does not taste too salty. Other key ingredients are meatballs, minced pork, pork lard, fried tofu skin (炸腐竹), fried shallots, spring onions and egg.
The next dish on the menu is Claypot Chicken Rice (瓦煲鸡饭, RM10.00). Unlike those served by other stalls, the rice is pre-cooked and then finished in the claypot. This explains why the rice is not as "toasty" as expected. The dish contains a generous amount of chicken, which is marinated rather well. Other ingredients that contribute to the overall flavor are smoked Chinese sausages (腊肠) (sweet), mushrooms (savory), salted fish (salty) and ginger slivers (pungent).
Ipoh Hor Fun (怡保河粉, RM8.00) is meant for customers with lighter palates. The recipe is inherited from a popular stall in Ipoh. In this dish, rice noodle is served in clear soup alongside shredded chicken, bean sprouts and shrimp. Spring onions, garlic chives and fried shallots serve to enhance the soup's aroma.
Last but not least, Pork Noodle (猪肉粉, RM8.00) uses a mixture of yellow noodle (黄面) and rice vermicelli (米粉). Pork Noodle uses the same soup as Sam Kan Chong Pork Ball Noodle, but the ingredients are quite different. The former contains sliced pork, meatballs, pork liver, pork intestine, pork lard and choy sum (菜心). Given the amount of ingredients, the bowl of Pork Noodle is worth every sen.
In summary, the dishes at 7686 Choy Kor Homecook Recipes are generally up to the mark. The proprietors clearly expended a great deal of effort in fine-tuning the recipes. In addition, the dishes here are reasonably priced when compared to similar stalls in Kota Damansara. 7686 Choy Kor Homecook Recipes also does food delivery (through third-party services) and food catering upon request. Payment can be made through major e-wallets.
Name: 7686 Choy Kor Homecook Recipes (7686财哥住家菜)
Address: Central Park East Wing, Jalan PJU 5/7, Dataran Sunway, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 012-682-6086
Business hours: 8:30am-10:30pm, closed on alternate Wednesdays
Website: https://www.facebook.com/7686kopitiam
Coordinates: 3.15219 N, 101.59398 E
Directions: Neighbourhood Foodcourt (好街坊美食中心) is situated at the center of Dataran Sunway. 7686 Choy Kor Homecook Recipes is a stall next to the central stage. Roadside parking is available. Alternatively, customers may park at the multi-storey car park next to the food court. The parking rate is RM1.00 for the first 2 hours.


  1. He had a shop in damansara perdana but then closed down due to very poor business... reviews now on grabfood also quite poor.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Have you tasted the food before? :-)