Two Pesos

Two Pesos (两披索靓汤) is a famous hot pot restaurant in SS2, Petaling Jaya. Customers often have to wait in long queues during peak hours.
Originating in Taiwan, the restaurant's name reflects the fact that the two founders first met in the Philippines. Two Pesos claims to be the most popular hot pot restaurant chain in Taiwan.
Sacha Value Pot (沙茶经济锅, RM14.90) comes with pork, fried fish, fishcakes, crab sticks, tofu, mushrooms and vegetables. The soup is prepared from sacha paste (沙茶酱), which contains peanuts, dried shrimps, fish, garlic and shallots. The soup has a savory taste with mild spiciness. Soup refill is free of charge.
Next, Milky Seafood Pot (牛奶海鲜锅, RM22.80) contains fresh milk. This makes the soup tasty to the very last drop. Seafood ingredients included in the meal are fish, prawns, squids and clams. Meatballs, fishcakes, tofu, mushrooms and vegetables are provided too.
For each serving of hot pot, customers can choose between rice and noodle. One can also opt for Braised Pork Rice (卤肉饭) for RM3.90 extra. Meanwhile, recommended dipping sauces for hot pots are sacha paste, bean paste (豆辣酱) and chili sauce (辣椒酱).
We placed an order of Taiwanese Crispy Chicken (香脆盐酥鸡, RM8.90). The snack is deep-fried with a crispy coating made from flour, salt, sugar, pepper and chili powder. The bite-size chicken pieces come with fried basil leaves, pickled vegetables and chili sauce.
The food taste at Two Pesos is remarkably good. We look forward to tasting the Two Pesos Stone Pot (两披索石头锅) and Two Pesos BBQ Pot (双舞烧烤锅) during our next visit!

Address: 7, Jalan SS 2/67, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 03-7865-2072
Business hours: 12:00pm-11:00pm

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