Special thanks to J-Garden for extending this food review invitation.

Formerly operating near Queensbay Mall, J-Garden has moved to Bellisa Row at Pulau Tikus. The restaurant occupies an end unit right next to the Church of the Immaculate Conception.
The 2-floor premises presents a cozy atmosphere for both business and casual meals. The eatery is also sufficiently large for holding private events.
J-Garden specializes in yōshoku (洋食), or Western cuisine with a Japanese spin. Since its reopening, the restaurant has introduced several new dishes like the Fresh Avocado Salad (アボカドサラダ).
Meat lovers can go for the Mixed Hamburger Steak Beef & Pork (合挽ハンバーグステーキ, RM30.00). The patty goes well with ponzu sauce, a tangy mixture of vinegar and yuzu. Most dishes can be served as part of a set meal (rice, side dish and miso soup) for RM6.00 more.
Salmon Cream Croquette Curry (鮭クリームコロッケカレー, RM25.00) is another popular dish here. The croquette is served with rice and Japanese curry. The latter is aromatic and delectable to the last morsel.
Melted Cheese Doria (昭和レトロドリア, RM24.00) is a classic dish from the Shōwa era of Japan. The gratinéed rice has a rich taste thanks to the infusion of chicken stock, tomatoes and béchamel sauce.
Flavorful Citrus Saba Spaghetti (スパゲッティー.ゆず鯖, RM29.00) is sautéed with olive oil and yuzu sauce. The latter has an acidic taste that stimulates the palate. Al dente pasta is topped with mackerel slices, which are marinated and fried to golden perfection.
Melted Cheese Katsu (とろーりチーズカツ, RM33.00) is yet another signature dish at J-Garden. The cutlet is made of Spanish pork tenderloin stuffed with melted cheddar cheese. This dish is typically enjoyed with tonkatsu sauce.
Originating in Kyūshū, Tender Chicken Nanban (ぷりぷりチキン南蛮, RM25.00) is now widely enjoyed across Japan. The boneless chicken thigh is seasoned with Nanban sauce, a special blend of vinegar and tartar sauce.
As for dessert, Rich Dark Chocolate Fondant (濃厚チョコレートフォンダン, RM13.00) is a recommended choice. Liquid chocolate oozes out the cake as soon as it is punctured. The aromatic scent of dark cocoa is simply irresistible. This dessert comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
J-Garden's beverage menu covers coffee, English tea, Japanese tea and beer. As for juices, J-Garden serves refreshing ones like Fresh Avocado Juice (アボカドジュース, RM14.00) and Fresh Mixed Juice (ミックスジュース, RM9.00). In addition, the restaurant has a small collection of wines too!
Nearly all dishes on J-Garden's menu are available for take-away and delivery. The restaurant provides free delivery within Pulau Tikus with minimum spending of RM60.00.
J-Garden is frequented by Japanese expatriates, a feat which speaks volumes about the authenticity of the yōshoku cuisine here!

Name: J-Garden
Address: 368-1-1, Bellisa Row, Jalan Burma, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-446-2230
Business hours: 11:30am-10:00pm
Website: https://www.facebook.com/JGardenRestaurant
Coordinates: 5.43280 N, 100.30957 E
Directions: J-Garden is located at Bellisa Row at Pulau Tikus, George Town. The restaurant covers 1 hour of private parking with minimum spending of RM80.00.

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