Koca Steamboat Restaurant

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Koca Steamboat Restaurant (古早火锅餐厅) used to operate in New World Park, but it has now moved to a shop at Jelutong. Our visit today is to catch the all-you-can-eat steamboat which is priced at RM21.00 per person.
The restaurant uses a portable electric stove to cook food. The cooking pot has two separate compartments, so we selected clear soup (清汤) and tom yum (东炎). The former is better in preserving the natural taste of ingredients, while the latter (additional RM1.00 per person) imparts fiery flavor.
At Koca Steamboat Restaurant, seafood items include shrimps (虾), cuttlefish (墨鱼), jellyfish (海蜇) and fresh dory fish (多利鱼片).
There are also fish balls (鱼丸), chicken balls (鸡肉丸), fish paste (鱼胶), dumplings (水饺), tofu (豆腐) and tofu skin (腐竹).
Also included are baby corn (小玉米), abalone mushrooms (鲍鱼菇) and enoki mushrooms (金针菇). Several types of green vegetables are also available. Egg and yellow noodle are also provided upon request.
While waiting for the soups to boil, fried wantan (炸云吞) is served to keep us occupied.
Overall, the soups are quite nice but the quality of seafood does not quite live up to standard. As far as affordability is concerned, the pricing is pretty reasonable.

Address: 322, Jalan Jelutong, 11600 Jelutong, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-283-8334
Business hours: 12:00pm-4:00pm, 6:00pm-10:00pm, closed on Mondays

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